Technical Support For Your Office

Tech Hope delivers comprehensive levels of technical support as well as advanced remote assistance for business offices across the US. The majority of modern business operations require computer technology to function successfully, these hardworking machines need to be kept updated, well maintained and fully secure. Hiring a team, or even an individual to manage ongoing computer repairs and software updates, as well as routine user assistance, can be costly. So, why not put your technology in the hands of our experienced and dedicated technical support team. Call us today or sign up to one of our support packages.

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Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Remote monitoring – supervising and controlling your computer systems to catch issues before they get noticed by you or your staff. Remote Monitoring and Management helps us detect and repair problems that can cause downtime or security risks. It gives us the information and capabilities we need to deliver the highest level of response and maintenance delivered right to your machines.

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Remote Support

Resolve all your end user day to day computer related problems. This excludes 3rd party applications and problems that cannot be solved remotely. Web browser support, login support, Microsoft Applications, slow computers, network connectivity, WIFI, lost files includes all support that does not involve new installations

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How Does Technical Support Work?

When you experience a technical fault with your computer, a system error or things just aren’t working as they should, then simply pop us an email at [email protected] or call the team on (929) 318-4277.

We will raise you a ticket and promptly review the issue. Following this, one of our techs will schedule a remote session with the user to rectify the problem or offer live-time directions. We can assist with everything from software updates through to showing you how to archive your emails. Thus, saving your business many valuable hours of productivity.

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Reliable Technical Assistance

We can provide our clients with reliable technical assistance remotely anywhere in the US. Not to mention, we also offer an in-person deskside support service for all customers within a 30-mile radius.

The service areas we can remotely assist with include:

Software applications and installations

User support and operator assistance

Web browser support

Data and file sharing

Data back-up and recovery

Network troubleshooting

Speed and performance improvements

And much, much more.

Deskside Support

If you have an issue that can’t be resolved remotely, never fear, as we can assist you or your team in person with deskside support. If you have complex hardware to install, need replacement parts, or have any other issues that require onsite assistance we can send one of our IT technicians to help. Deskside support is available to all businesses within a 30-mile radius, where we can help with:

Replacing failing hardware components such as motherboards

Phone repairs, printer repairs, and screen replacements

Hardware upgrades and installation services

New computer setups including connecting printers and phones

Professional computer component cleaning

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Computer Security Updates

Online safety is a real concern for modern organizations. Cyber security is important for protecting your customers and your company’s confidential information. As a part of our technical support packages, we can keep firewalls and security software functional and up to date to ensure maximum online safety for you and your customer-base.

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Arrange affordable, expert IT assistance with our technical support team, remotely supporting businesses throughout the US and beyond. Our tech services will ensure your machines, and everything stored on them is kept up to date, functional and in good working condition, to maximize your productivity and offer you full peace of mind.